• Image of Paisley Ponchos
  • Image of Paisley Ponchos
  • Image of Paisley Ponchos
  • Image of Paisley Ponchos
  • Image of Paisley Ponchos

These are made from blankets in India and have a cozy feel to them and look amazing... we like how the pockets are on the front as well!

Acrylic wool has been our new best friend, we get so many things made out of these amazing scarves now, like the other new Triangle Paisley Ponchos. Unlike cottons, when it rains the water almost just rolls off the fabric and doesn't seep into it to make it heavy. They wash great too!

- Material: Acrylic wool (synthetic fibres made into a wool like fabric, having similar properies as natural wool, but inexpensive!)
- Rectangle stape, sides are open for the arms to come out
- Tassles along the bottom
- Hooded
- V neck
- Machine wash cold, hang to dry
- To add fur on the fringe of the hood - select "Add fur $7.99" in the options!

Available for order in:
- Purple
- Blue/Green
- Red
- Navy
- Green
- Turquoise
- Yellow
- Orange

Add a Finger Puppet onto your order with no extra shipping charge!

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If you'd prefer to pick this item up in Calgary please use code CALGARY

*subject to availability, if we are out of stock we will update you with more photos of other options*


  • Purple (Pic 2 left)
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  • Blue/Green (Pic 2 right)
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  • Red (Ric 3 left)
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  • Navy (Pic 3 right)
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  • Green (Pic 4 left)
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  • Turquoise (Pic 4 right)
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  • Yellow (Pic 5 left)
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  • Orange (Pic 5 right)
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  • Add fur fringe
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