• Image of Stripey Boi Fanny Pack Belt
  • Image of Stripey Boi Fanny Pack Belt

The design of this fanny pack is as functional as it gets! It adjusts to fit your waist perfect and not bounce around while you dance. Fits ANY phone and plenty of space for a wallet etc. You can even fit a 500ml bottle of water inside it!

- Strong black adjustable belt
- Light weight, the more light it is, the more performance you can get in your dancing
- Durable zipper for both pockets
- Double pockets, for functional organization of all your snacks
- Durable canvas material
- Gender neutral

Available for order in:
- Rasta Stripe
- Brown Stripe
- Greens Stripe
- Pink Stripe
- Rainbow Stripe

Add a Finger Puppet onto your order with no extra shipping charge!

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*subject to availability, if we are out of stock we will update you with more photos of other options*


  • Rasta Stripe
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  • Browns Stripe
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  • Greens Stripe
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  • Pink Stripe
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  • Rainbow Stripe
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